Comments from LHAATDS 2009

“This conference has provided an opportunity for UCSF researchers to collectively step aside from their daily research routines and analyze the blind spots that eclipse the shine of their creativeness. It is an excellent forum for asking question about science, which is vital for providing grounds for its healthy development. It comprises refreshing revisits of numerous basic but rarely questioned aspects of science, and also offers glimpses into the future of communicating science in more amusing and inspiring ways. If UCSF aims at preventing its researchers from falling into the abysses of mediocrity and narrow-mindedness, it should support a conference like this with all possible means”, Vuk Uskokovic, President of the UCSF Postdoctoral Scholars’ Association

“Let’s Have an Awesome Time Doing Science” was the perfect meeting experience after another professional crescendo the evening before, the LCROSS impact.  I arrived to the meeting sleep deprived from staying up to watch the impact the evening before, but found myself amazingly engaged in the conference.  Every speaker made me want to jump in and converse on their topic.  When the time came for my presentation, which happened to be keeping the audience from lunch, I was very welcomed by an engaged group of participants who spoke up, asked questions, and gave me some great feedback on my topic.  The ensuing conversations were fantastic.  My experience with the conference overall was “awesome”, with the logistical arrangements simple to understand and the event itself well-hosted and staffed with friendly people.  I am very grateful to have been invited to “Let’s Have an Awesome Time Doing Science” and hope to participate again in the future! — Delia Santiago, NASA


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