Some Ideas People Have Suggested for Saturday so far…

Suggest a topic for the breakout sessions on Saturday!

Saturday will probably be the most interesting and rewarding day of the conference. This your chance to get involved and participate in the full spirit of the conference. Not sure what to suggest? Here are some ideas that are floating around. They are quite diverse and we’ll be looking for more suggestions during the first days of the conference. Then we’ll vote to see which sessions people want to have.

  • Job opportunities, science outreach for k-12
  • Bridging the gap between science and the legislature/policy makers
  • Progressive mentorship
  • Women in science/why there is lack of gender balance in some fields
  • How to keep young scientists from feeling overwhelmed.
  • Staying healthy while doing science.
  • Having a family
  • Interacting with other communities (eg medical, pharmacy, etc)
  • Bringing the bench scientist into the public health/who
  • Importance of love in science
  • Applying Buddhist principles in the workplace
  • How do you measure productivity in academic research? Papers published, product pipelines, length of R01 grant funding?
  • Work/life/family balance
  • Future of academia/biotech collaborations
  • Communicating science to adults through art & craft
  • Public perception of Science
  • Biomaterials and their implications
  • Religion makes science more awesome
  • Academia vs industry
  • How can scientists change the world?
  • The best ways to enjoy science
  • Global leadership through science

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